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Romanian holidays

      • 1st of January - New year

      • in April: Orthodox easter! (exact date depends on the calendar)

      • Pantecost

      • 1st of May - Labour Day

      • (8th of May - international women's day - secretary might be closed!)

      • 1st of June - Childrens day

      • 15th of August - St. Mary

      • 30th of November - St. Andrew

      • 1st of December - National Day (Union of all parts of Romania in 1918)

      • 24th-26th of December - X-Mas

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Our Faculty

      • Contact: (for specific contacts: here)

      • Address: Piata 1 Decembrie Nr. 10, 410073 Oradea

      • founded in 1991

      • The office for international students is officially opened Monday to Wednesday and Friday from 12-15pm

            • Your primary contact in the faculty besides your group/year chief

            • To ease your way: Letter of request - we provide a printable form. Please note that an informal request written by pencil might be rejected!

            • make sure you go to the registration office first to collect your stamp and number (otherwise the secretary sents you back...)

      • The official website and the official Facebook page are unfortunately in Romanian... progress is yet to come... one day... maybe... or not...

About the University of oradea see: Wikipedia

Discover Oradea/Social live

Oradea turned in the past few years and is still in process to become more and more beatiful! In the centre you can enjoy lunch, ice cream or Coffee in the Strada Republicii - a pedestrian zone with all kinds of shops, restaurants and Cafés. If you're more into late-evening events you might enjoy the "vulturul negru" passage next to the piata Unirii - there you find a good bunch of pubs. Numerous shopping possibilities are in Lotus shopping centre (Nufarul), Shopping Era (near Airport), or Shopping Prima (Decebal).

If you're more into sightseeing you should check this interactive map of Oradea - might be helpful for your parents visiting ;)

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