• It is the administrative centre of Bihor county
  • 2016 estimated population: >220,000 inhabitants
  • "the little Paris" because of its architectural charm of the "bell époque"
    • Many buildings are renovated/under renovation so the city in fact keeps getting more and more beautiful
  • has well known spas
    • Baile Felix and 1 May with thermal water rich in sulphur, sodium, calcium, bicarbonate...
    • they have curing properties especially for bone, joint, muscle pain and more and are therefore attracting health tourists


  • This area is civilized since 1150 B.C. by Thracians but it was named Varadinum (lat. Oradea) back then
  • The Fortress was build around 1090 and destroyed by the Tartars in 1241
  • 1100-1300: important centre of the catholic church of the Roman-Catholic Bishop under the reign of King Ladislas the first
  • 1660-1692 Turkish rulership, rebuilt & fortification of the fortress
  • 1692 annexation to the Habsburg empire
  • early 20th century:
    • City hall was built
    • electricity, water and waste water network was installed
    • asphalted streets
  • October 12th, 1944 Austrian-Hungarian occupation ended with the liberation by Romanian and Soviet troops
  • December 1989's revolution ended the communist rulership which is celebrated on 1st of December