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Paying tuition fees

By bank transfer

By cash at the bank

        • go to the secretary and ask for the paper to pay the study fees (full amount or partial)

            • if you pay the full amount within the first 15 days of October you might get a reduction (ask the secretary)

            • no need for a letter of request

        • bring that paper to the registration (near the secretary)

        • go to Banka Transylvania (Republicii) and give them the paper + ID + the fee in cash (Ron/Lei)

        • receive the payment certificate and give it to the secretary

If you pay late:

        • every day after the deadline adds 2.5€ (not confirmed amount) to the bill

        • You are not allowed to enter any exam if you didn't pay the fees and fines

Anual blood tests

They need to be performed every year in the beginning of the second semester in March (deadline: end of March). Normally, you can perform them in Pelican hospital, Spit. Judetean de Urgenta, spitalul CFR (near train station) or other places (NOTE: DUE TO THE PANDEMIC THE MUNICIPAL IS CLOSED!). After receiving laboratory results you have to present them to the occupational doctors at e.g. Medicris centre (approx. 30 Ron) - or another "medic de muncii" (at CFR hospital you can do everything!). The paper which you recieve here you have to give to the secretary (there are 2 documents on one page - issue only one of them). The testing is done on Ac. Anti HCV, Ac anti HIV 1/2 and Ag HBV

We would like to make clear that you have the free choice! your are not obliged to go to a specific physician!

Request documents from the secretary

It is actually quite simple: all you need to do is print this letter of request and fill the required information. Just give the letter of request to the secretary and you will know when the paper is ready. The letter of request will be added to you file.

Important deadlines

        • 1st installment of tuition fee: 15th of October (EU students), 30th of October (non-EU students)

        • blood test results Within the 1st semester

        • Summer practice paper: 10th of September (The original at the faculty!!!)

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