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OTL is the name of the public transport in Oradea ("Oradea Transport Local" S.A. ), CFR is national (Railway)

For OTL you can either go by paper ticket (6Lei/2 rides), pay with credit card in trams or buses, or make a card if you use the service more often (see below).


There are 5 lines each of which has 2 directions: N ("black", goes counter-clockwise around the centre) and R ("red", in the opposite direction to N).

Line 1

  • N: Pod C.F.R. (beyond Spit. Municipal) --> Train station--> (Faculty) Piata Unirii --> Pod C.F.R.

Line 2

  • Nufarul (Lotus shopping centre) --> (faculty) --> Piata Unirii --> (decebal) --> Iosia

Line 3

  • N: Nufarul --> (Faculty) -->Piata Unirii --> Train station --> Nufarul

Line 4

  • N: Nufarul --> (Faculty) -->Piata Unirii --> Train station --> Sinteza --> Nufarul

Line 1, 3 and 4 might go either "spre decebal" or "spre Gara". That basically means that it takes either the left route (spre decebal) or the right (spre Gara) as you can see on the picture. Some might end in "Olosig", there you need to change to another tram. So check out what is written in front of the tram ;)

Line 8

  • from Pod C.F.R (Rogerius) --> decebal --> Iosia (and back)


The OTL card is available for students age 25y or younger and for ~40 Lei/month you can use all OTL services limitless! The card can be issued either in the Service-point in "Autogara Nufarul" (end-station in Nufarul) or at "Orasul copilor" beside Municipal hospital (enter the building and go straight left). The documents you need are: Permis de sedere/similar document with your CNP and your Carnet de studenti (get your hair styled - they take a picture ;-). The card will be issued immediately.

Train - CFR

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As student in Romania under the age of 27 you can apply for a "legitimatie de transport" which is basically a reduction for the train service. You can travel in the 2nd class for free or in 1st class just paying the difference between a 2nd and 1st class ticket. All you need to do is show this legitimation when purchasing the train ticket together with an official document with your CNP! Important is to have the legitimation with you while traveling.

You can apply for the legitimation at the secretary (passport picture required). Also you should not forget to update the stamp on the back of the card at the beginning of every year.

Check here when your train departs!